Welcome to Guardian Senior Resource Network!!

Welcome to the Guardian Senior Resource Network! The Guardian Senior Resource Network has been established to assist Professional Guardians, Family Guardians, Care Managers and others working in a fiduciary or Health Care Surrogate role. Guardians and Care Managers can obtain the resources necessary to care for their wards, clients or loved ones.

There are several different parts to the GSR Network website.  The page “What is Guardianship” goes into detail about the different types of Guardianships in the State of Florida.  The Florida Statues pertaining to guardianship will be referenced.  This page will provide education to both Professional Guardians and Family Guardians on the responsibilities and duties to the ward.

Our hope is that our “Directory” page will help you find the best Residential Facilities, Physicians, Medical Service Providers and Home Maintenance providers in the State of Florida. This Directory will allow you as a Member of our network to post comments about the listed providers so that others in the network could read about your experience with these providers and choose a provider that may best suit their ward or client’s needs.

Our “Forum”, will allow our members to share their stories or ask for and/or give advice to other members.  As Guardians and Care Managers, we face different situations every day.  Some of which we may have not faced before and could use some advice and/or suggestions.  Here at the forum, we could help each other by making suggestions.  Our hope is that this part of our network will build a bridge between our Guardians and Care Managers and will help us all be a support to each other.

For those who work in a fiduciary role for your wards or clients, there are times where you may need to liquidate your client or wards assets.  You may have a wheelchair or a hospital bed that your ward or client is no longer utilizing.  Another Guardian or Care Manager may need one for one of their wards or clients.  Our “Classifieds” page allows members to post items for sale on behalf of their wards or clients.  Do you need to sell your ward or clients car?  Their house?  Medical supplies or equipment?  Post it here!

In our “Forms” page, you can download forms.  This page is not intended to give any legal advice and we do not have any copyrights to these forms.  These are forms that may be useful to you in caring for your client or loved ones and are free of charge.  This is just a resource and you should contact an attorney if you are seeking legal advice or need to established legal documents such as Power of Attorney’s or establish a new Guardianship.

Last but not least, is our “Links” page.  Here you will find links to other websites that may be helpful to you.  If you have a link that you feel should be posted on here, please contact us and we will look into posting it.

“Building Bridges Between Guardians & Care Mangers” is our motto.  We hope that you join our network.  You are welcome to give recommendations, post topics, submit requests to enhance our website and make it a premier resource network.